A Wall on an Alley

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This night was the best he had in months. They were both working too much. But he had it all planned. First they had a long dinner in an elegant, intimate restaurant. Then they went out dancing…Mmmm…he could still feel her butt grinding against him while she was dancing so close. Now they were walking on the streets with a strange energy running through their bodies. He put his arm around her waist. The heat of her body was overwhelming. He was feeling dizzy although he only had one glass of red wine at the restaurant. He leaned and placed a kiss on her neck, breathing in her perfume. Her eyes were burning. Many times he stood there staring deep into them, but tonight they were electric, asking for much more…

Once again he leaned to kiss her neck then kissed his way up to her lips. She was so warm and soft…her body, her lips, her tongue. He made her stand in front of him and started kissing her slowly and ran his hands over her back. His slow kisses became more passionate as he was holding her closer. Then he realized they are making out in the middle of the street so they started walking again. She was admiring the beauty of the city at night…the kurtköy escort clear beautiful sky…but all he saw were her burning eyes. He couldn’t wait till home…

As they were walking he took her by the hand and led her on a quiet and darker alley. She read his mind and started giggling. It was about time after a whole night of teasing.

He pulled her very close. He could feel her breath on his lips. She started kissing his lips…then his earlobe…then down his neck and chest…But he stopped her. Turned her around and started kissing the back of her neck while he was opening the buttons of her blouse. She put her hands on the wall she was facing and started rubbing her butt against his crotch again, like she did earlier when they were dancing in the club. Soon he reached her bra and opened it, cupping and caressing her breasts. She was turning him on even more, if that was possible. He started nibbling her neck and could almost hear her purr like a cat when he started rolling her nipples between his fingers. He pulled up her skirt and started running his hands over her legs…caressing her inner thighs.

She tuzla escort wanted to turn around but she wasn’t allowed. Instead he pressed her hot, half naked body against the cold wall. The contact between the cold wall and her hard nipples sent shivers down her spine. He slid his knee between her legs, forcing them to open, and rubbed it against her. The only thing she managed was to sneak her hand between their bodies and feel how hard he is. She grabbed him and stroked his hardness. He turned her face and explored her hot silky mouth in a long kiss.

He was still managing to focus despite what her hand was doing to him. He licked her neck and in the same time slid his hand in her panties. He found her hot and wet already. When he started rubbing her clit he could hear her gasping and purring. The moves of his fingers became more intense, but he knew when to stop…just in time. He almost had her begging. Looked again in her burning eyes and teased her tongue with his.

She whispered: “Please…”

So he reached for her panties and ripped them off, placing another kiss on the back of her neck. He got rid of his tuzla escort already too tight pants fast and let her hold and tease him a bit with her long nails…

He pressed her against the wall and slid deep and hard in her, continuously rubbing her clit. She moaned loud when she felt all his length invading her, but she was enjoying every second of it. Her moans were sharper as he was ramming deeper inside her tight pussy. To keep her quiet he took away his wet fingers from her clit and put them into her mouth. She started sucking them greedily, while she felt his other hand sliding back to rub her clit. Each time he was coming out of her he was returning even deeper than she could think he can. She had one hand against the wall, but the other hand was digging the nails deep in his leg. As a response he bit her neck and started ramming his cock harder in her. He still had his two fingers in her mouth to keep her quiet, but he understood from her moans its time…so he took her as hard and fast as he could. She bit his fingers to stop a sharp scream, which made him come inside her…over and over again…till it was running down her legs…

Five minutes later he was still inside her…and they were trying to gain back their breaths between passionate kisses.

He helped her and himself become decent again and took her to the car with the intention of driving her home for a long night of teasing and pleasure…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32