Having Anthea

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We met Anthea in a transport café. She was on the road and was asking for a lift to Sheffield.

But she didn’t seem to have any success and sat there, sipping coffee and looking very rejected.

My co-driver, Phil noticed her first, well he would wouldn’t he? He has a lusty eye for an woman in tight jeans, he said that is what made the world go around and kept his libido healthy and the oversexed sod had a host of pictures he’d taken secretly on his mobile phone of bums he would most like to fuck. True, one could say he was a pervert but I had to admit I was taken by some of the pictures and Phil certainly had a knack for getting the right angle. It amazed me just how he did it, the close ups especially.

I could see why he had his beady eye focused on the girl sat in the corner of the room and guessed he would soon have another pictures his collection.

She looked very appetizing indeed and I don’t mind saying that my libido was making moves below the waist.

“She obviously hasn’t seen us Pete. Shall I go over and offer her a lift?”

“Don’t be a wanker Phil, we are not going anywhere Sheffield. Liverpool is miles away.”

“We could to a detour. Come on Pete it will be worth it Imagine … well you know, with that!”

I looked over towards her table again and she noticed me looking. That is when she approached us. Phil spoke first; “I hear you would like a lift to Sheffield?”

“I am desperate, I have an exam in the university tomorrow and need to get there to setup some digs, please say you can help me?.”

“You have no money?”

“I am fucking skint” she replied.

“It would mean going out of our way” I put in and what I had in mind must have been obvious.

“If it sex you want in payment I am willing to do that. I simply must make it for tomorrow. That is really important”

Phil looked at me with a happy smile on his face and a look-in his eye that said to go for it.

This girl was certainly open about it. She said it like it was an everyday thing.

“Okay, we shall make a special diversion for escort service you. What’s your name?”

“Anthea – and yours?

I told her and asked if she was sure about this.

She paused and grinned, her blonde hair and blue eyes were daunting. I could really go for her after a so far strenuous and pent up journey in the road from Southampton

“I would have to make one or two no go’s” she said upon which Phil looked glum.

“There we go, first the good news and then the bad” he quipped.

“I can give you both a blow job and you can have a sniff if you’d like but anything else is closed shop at the moment.”

I whispered in Phil’s ear telling him it improbably her time of the month. He whispered back and said that he would go for anything if I was game.”

“We are on” I told her and she showed her thanks with a real open French kiss.”

“What about me” said Phil, the other guys looking on with that certain envious expression on their faces and then he got similar treatment.

“I think we had better vamoose pretty quickly “he said lifting himself off the chair, looking altogether like he had a huge hard on, and that was just from the French kiss!.

We both ushered her out. I paid for the bill and from being watched the sexy sway of those gorgeously defines curves.

“You can sit between us in the cab, “I said.

“Fine” she said with a happy smile/ “Let me know when you want your payment?”

“When we are a little into our journey. I know a place we can pull in and that will be good.”

“Can’t wait” put in Phil grabbing her around the waist.

“The perhaps I can give you a bit of a get ready go,” she suggested without hesitation like she was looking forward to it as much were we.

“Just a sniff would be absolutely sublime baby, we can do that whilst travelling can’t we Pete?”

“Give it a go’ I said. “On the understanding I can have some too, later when stop.”

“How would you like me to be Phil” she asked

“I have a cushion here, let me just plant that underneath so you can london escorts slip to the edge of the seat and open up some”

“Like this?”

Phil was down there like a shot. She looked absolutely divine, displaying al those wonderful feminine curves and the karma of the crutch which Phil already had his nose into her jeans, sniffing her there.

She was really enjoying that, as much as he and the sounds of their pleasure showed that.

She said to be a little delicate there because it was that time of the month and that is why she had to refuse a fuck but he was welcome to sniff her ass.

The way Phil was anything went and he was soon panting and came up red faced. Then he asked her if she would roll slightly the side so he could sniff her from behind and she gladly did, propping it out for him so naturally. He told her it was made for spoiling and would make a superb fuck.

“Well maybe up the ass later when we stop, that would be nice. I shall need some lubricant though.

“We have some Vaseline” Phil quipped.

All this was like a fantasy was it really happening. Yes it was and now I knew I had a real big time hard on below the wheel, and with Anthea leaning towards me as Phil sniffed her up she obviously noticed because her hand was there, playing with me.

“Nice!” She said. Hadn’t we better pull, in?”

“Yes let’s do that” I replied by which time she had already undone my zip and popped my erector full out. When we stopped – Phil was really going to town in her jeans. It was like she was smothering him, locking his head between her crotch and lapping it up. She was a real sex bomb and no mistake and I was wondering how her suck would be in the frenzy.

“You are a bit stinky” she remarked jerking back my foreskin.

“Don’t get me wrong Pete. I adore the smell of seasoned cock but you are a bit sweaty.= let me reach for my handbag. “she did and she pulled out some clean wipes most women carry and to feel her wipe and clean him there was a real treat.

“I love when he does that?” She grinned as he jumped every london escort time she squeezed.

“You ought to be proud of him Pete. He is beautiful and now I can suck him and she did and I\ was soon in another world.

The sounds of sex coming out of the three of us we simultaneously reflected the wonderful bond we shared..

“I think it is time to go in our compartment, behind?” I suggested to Phil and of course, he agreed. Already I was well sucked and nurtured but I wanted some of what Phil had enjoyed, so by going into the rest compartment we could let ourselves go.

She agreed to drop her jeans on the proviso we did not attempt to fuck her quinny, that we could both have her ass with pleasure and that was mutely agreed. I had her bend on all fours and carried on where Phil had left off. It was fun to spread her ass cheeks apart in those skin tight jeans and smelling her femininity as well as a good scent of rampant ass. First though, through her jeans which were nice, feeling her shuffle into my face – and then bare assed which smelt and tasted good.

I could easily have cupped my hand over her tampaxed quinny but kept my promise not to go there, instead was tongue in asshole as she enjoyed the suck of Phil’s cock and the feel of his balls and she openly said so, she then rolled her ass rubbing my face into her hole and yearned for the feel of my fuck there/

“Okay you asked for it” I yelled and gladly anointed that cracking asshole with a good helping of Vaseline and was soon inside her, fucking her ass like there was no tomorrow, she moaned and screamed as we both enjoyed her offering. It felt so warm and lovely inside,

She was certainly the most delightful fuck and when we’d recovered, had a drink and got back on the road it was really something to be sat there, with this beautiful example of pure womanhood.

“When my Uni course is finished and if you can, perhaps you’d like to offer me a ride back home? She asked with a very sexy smile.”

“Phil and I could ride you anytime” I replied.

“And next time there will be a bonus, right guys?”

“Meaning, I want to hear it from your lips?”

“Meaning that I will make it so it is not the time of the month” she laughed knowing full well what was asked.

“Just mobile or text when you are ready” I said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32